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Adidas presented it to us on the occasion of the World Cup
A brand-new robe of all kinds of strongmen
Today's jersey mission is no longer confined to the green field
On the streets in summer, you can see the jerseys being played out in different styles by various masters.
When designing the national team jersey this year
Adidas follows the classic design of every jerrell freeman team's history
While honoring the legend
It also gives these jerseys a new trend
We are:
Russia, Germany, Argentina
Spain, Sweden, Belgium
Mexico, Japan, Colombia
The jerseys of nine teams shot a group of blockbusters
This time, we will let the World Cup style spread to the streets ...
The Russians beat Brazil in extra time
He welcomed his second Olympic football gold medal in Seoul
Now as the host
Their glory and the red-and-white shirt at home in those days
It's worth remembering
Industry is the lifeblood of Russia
This is the origin of the design of the nathan peterman away jersey
The white background is decorated with grey disordered patterns
And the golden double-headed eagle on his chest
All of them symbolize the tenacity and unyielding nature of this northern country
Mexico, with its advanced manufacturing industry, chose to put its own national team jersey
All in national production
And proudly printed " Made in Mexico."
White and green alternate necklines
Let the layering of Mexico jerseys instantly increase
It is also wonderful that different green colors complement each other
The enthusiastic Mexicans are their away shirts
Choose a freer crewneck design
This also makes collocation more possible
This time, Belgium's willie young jersey has been restored almost perfectly
Bold design in the 1980s
Even today it still looks avant - garde
On the other hand, the away jersey focuses more on the expression of national honor
Belgian flag color matching
Add the three stripes that symbolize victory to your shoulders
All make the whole jersey look energetic
Die Mann Schaft of the Back Neck
It's proof that rammstein is rock - solid
Iconic patterns of the 1990s
Plus contrast pants
It is our new understanding of the attack on the green michael pierce shirt
Hiding behind a suit full of heroic spirit
Is the heart of winning the championship never tired
The Germans who won the Hercules Cup four years ago
There is only one goal this year: to defend the title!
The blue-orange colombian jersey was particularly pleasing
In addition to the new trend, the main body also comes from
The design of Colombia's traditional scarf
And the back collar
" Unidos por UN Pais"
What Yan has connotation says is it
Simple yellow jersey
Use texture to highlight twill texture
The design of this atmosphere came from the early 1990s
The elements of the Swedish national team's many classic jerseys
For the first time, the new badge was used on the chest of the men's football national team
Also really let a person shine at the moment
In honor of traditional crafts
The grain design of Japan's away jersey
It forms a unique visual experience
It is also the new team emblem just introduced and the national flag that will always be present.
Let the whole jersey exude a unique Japanese style
Put the red, yellow and blue colors together
A rhombic lattice composed of lines
Is the Spanish unique romantic feelings
Asymmetric home shirts and away shirts with hidden textures
Are testing your matching ability
Eagle! pampas Eagle!
It can be called the most classic white and blue kyle fullervertical stripes
Back to our eyes again
One master and one guest
One old and one new
Adidas will design both new and old nfl jerseys wholesale shirts in Argentina
The fusion is appropriate
Team history's first black main color jersey
It also opened a new chapter for Argentines
Add classic white and blue stripes
It's hard to look away
This is what I showed you today
Adidas 2018 World Cup national team jersey
Now it has been listed in succession
We're not trying to make you look like a regular fan
Put on your team's jersey during the World Cup and cheer
We call on you to put your World Cup model into practice this summer
Spread out in every corner of the street ...

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