Who retires from a nfl or nbaJersey?

The No. 8 shirt corresponds to Bryant's early career: three championships and 81 points for lone heroes; the No. 24 shirt corresponds to Bryant's later career: the 1st MVP, the 2nd FMVP, and the 2nd team leader's championship. In the two period, we can hardly afford to make any allowance. We are all called the retiring number under the harsh standards of the gareon conley jerseys. At this point, Kobe became the first player in the history of NBA to retire two numbers on the same team.

Unlike Kobe Bryant, Jordan wore No. 12, No. 45 and No. 23, but the Bulls retired only for Jordan. The main reason: No. 12 was abandoned just because he had been stolen a temporary number, and No. 45 was Jordan's first comeback number in honor of his brother. In a game, the Bulls were beaten by Magic, Magic player Anderson mad at Jordan a garbage sentence, "No. 45 Jordan is not fierce No. 23," angry Jordan risked fines to wear the 23 jersey, and then won three consecutive championships.

It is worth mentioning that although Jordan did not retire from the same team two jerseys, but also with its tremendous influence, so that his 23 Jersey has retired the Bulls and the Heat. It's also the first time in NBA history that someone can retire from a team that has no team to play.

Actually, there is only one player who can retire without a cordarrelle patterson shirt, but it is not an exception for players who can retire from different teams.

Jabbar: bucks and 76 men

Jabbar is one of the most difficult players in NBA history. He has repeatedly led the team to win the championship. Jabbar has played for two teams in his career, both of which have retired him in jersey. In March 20, 1989, Jabbar's No. 33 Jersey officially retired from Staples Center. On the night of November 21, 2007, the Bucks held a retirement ceremony for Jabbar's No. 33 shirt during the half-time break of the game between the Bucks and the Lakers.

Oscar Robertson: the king and the Bucks

Oscar Robertson was the only MVP superstar to snatch up in the 1960s when Chamberlain and Russell monopolized MVP. The Owner spent most of his career with the Royal Cincinnati (now Kings of Sacramento) and did not switch to the Bucks until the end of his career, leading the team to the championship with marshawn lynch. As the No. second hero, the big O's No. 1 Jersey was retired by the bucks. Later, his No. 14 Jersey was also retired by the king.

Barkley: 76 people, the sun

Barkley, a flying pig with a height of 1.98 meters, has 22.1 points and 11.7 rebounds in her career. Despite a rare encounter with Jordan, but he still rely on its outstanding strength, successfully ranked one of the 50 NBA superstars. In 2001, Barkley's No. 34 jersey retired from the 76 team. In 2004, the sun retired its No. 34 Jersey again.

O'neal: Lakers, heat

O'Neill has played for six teams, including the Magic, the Lakers, the Heat, the Suns, the Cavaliers and the Celtics, with the Lakers playing the longest for eight seasons. During the Lakers period, O'Neill teamed up with Bryant to win three consecutive championships, he also harvested the NBA Finals MVP david sharpe jersyes. In the summer of 2004, O'Neill traveled eastward to the Miami Heat to join Wade in bringing the team its first championship ever. Because the Sharks won the championships for both the Lakers and the Heat, the two teams retired from O'Neill's No. 34 and No. 32 shirts in good faith.

Chamberlain: 76, warriors, Lakers

Chamberlain is the only star in NBA history to be retired by three teams. His No. 13 shirt hangs high in the stadium of the 76ers, the Warriors and the Lakers. It's not surprising that Chamberlain can do this with his strength. Even Jordan is very convinced of this old man!

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