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It is reported that Nike launched the city version of the jerseys in order to salute the fans. Fans come to the stadium 41 times a year to watch the game, for the team and even the sherrick mcmanis culture has made an indelible contribution. The unique design elements of the city Jersey are closely related to the history of the team and the characteristics of the city.

The design of the Jersey in the city of jazz comes from the famous Utah scenic spot, Hongyan canyon.

The basketball culture in the stadiums, stands and streets of each city has been uniquely integrated by Nike designers into the urban version of the Trent Brown jersey, expressing respect for the present and history of each club, as well as the future of the team.  

Taking the Lakers as an example, cleveland browns became the first source of inspiration for the Lakers' urban version of the Jersey design. The Lakers'City Jersey this season has been decorated with Kobe Bryant's nickname "Black Mamba" and the Lakers' 24 number printed at the waist. Sixteen stars are printed on the side of the jersey, symbolizing the 16 NBA Championships won by the Lakers, highlighting the Lakers'brilliant traditions and power.

The Celtic city version of the Jersey pays tribute to the interlaced texture of the TD home garden floor. The belt highlights the iconic flag element to show the championship flag overhanging the Dome of TD Garden and highlights the Celtics'recent 2008 championship title. The overall shirt is a grey background, symbolizing the vast number of New England fans who have supported the team throughout its long history.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, the main colors of their city shirts are grey and dark grey, with yellow and white patterns dotted. The mike singletary Jersey is embroidered with the words "the land" nicknamed Cleveland. In addition, the side of the Jersey is embroidered with the knight's team logo and the flag of Ohio is printed. According to James, the design of the Jersey ribs was inspired by a statue of the Patron of Transportation in Cleveland.

James said: "I like the color scheme. I like the golden color on a grey foundation. I like the Ohio flag on top. The shirt sponsors allow us to do a lot of things in design, which is really interesting and a very happy process.  

The Cavaliers'marketing director, Tracy Marek, emphasized the importance of the shirt's integration with the city: "The idea of our new Eli Harold shirt is to incorporate a cool new Cleveland element, then design the city version of the shirt we want, and to use it to boldly announce what we are like now. We are now a united community and a proud community. We also hope to express our determination to defend our home court through this jersey. "

However, Sports Illustrated columnist Rohan Nadkarni was not impressed by the design of the chrome hearts earring: "Who told Nike that everybody loves to wear grey? These jerseys look like the ones that high school basketball teams in teen movies are wearing. The yellow part does make the Jersey look a bit bright, but it's hard to tell if it's a good one or a bad one. Lebron is sure to feel bad about it. "

And see the mitch unrein warriors here. As one of Auckland's most admirable representatives, the Warriors became the symbol of the Gulf Area after moving to the West Coast in 1962. In this city, the Chinese play an important role in promoting the rapid development of the city as well as the rapid growth of their own groups, which has become the team's urban version of the design of the core source of inspiration, that is, to honor the Chinese culture rooted in the Bay Area and become a symbol of prosperity.

On the chest of the Golden Gate City shirt, the team logo incorporates the Golden Gate Bridge and traditional Chinese culture. The iconic suspension bridge logo also appears in other versions of the team's shirt, with the red "Warrior" characters on the belt.

Like the warriors, the Houston Rockets' urban version of the Jersey also highlights the distinctive Chinese characteristics. Yao Ming played for the Rockets in the past, the team has accumulated a large number of fans in China, to this day, many fans still have a deep Rocket complex. Considering that pernell mcphee has joined the Rockets, the Houston Rockets have always had a special relationship with China.

It was revealed that in the design of the city version of the jersey, the Rockets followed the previous Chinese version of the Jersey design, the main color of the Red Jersey and the chest of the "Rocket" Chinese characters play Chinese elements, Rockets players are likely to wear this set of Jersey during the Chinese New Year.

Former Rockets owner Alexander once commented on the Chinese version of the Rockets jersey: "We are proud to be able to wear Chinese-style jerseys to give back our fans in China and celebrate their traditional festivals. Rockets and Chinese fans have maintained a long-term relationship, from the first live NBA game in China in 1994 to Yao Ming. It's been an incredible career here, and cheap nfl jerseys wholesale from china really an honor to continue this tradition when we play in the NBA China for the first time in 2004.

It is not difficult to find that the NBA's urban version of the Jersey than the previous version, more highlights the team's historical and cultural elements of the nfl jerseys cheap city, so full of design elements of the jersey for fans, naturally has a stronger appeal. It is worth noting that this emphasis on urban culture and the relationship between the team, fans, thereby increasing the stickiness of fans, to achieve sustainable development is also the wisdom of Nike and the NBA.

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