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nike air force 1 - Retro has always been a vane of the tidal current circle

this is an eternal pursuit in the Sneakerhead circle. All kinds of high tech shoes have a lot to look at. Do you see some retro sneakers with different flavors, and they can have more collocation than ball shoes. As an old gun in the shoe circle, it is normal to have a pair of retro sports shoes. But for some small white, want to buy a bright spot of retro sneakers is a bit difficult, this need not be afraid, small editor to introduce you to the ancient sports shoes this year.

The launch of Adidas EQT Supoort 93/17 has a certain significance, in order to commemorate the birth of the Equipment series 25th anniversary. On the EQT Support 93 classic design elements, Adidas EQT Support 93/17 also integrated into other modern ball shoes technology, allowing the classics to be inherited and integrated into the classic.

The asymmetric design of Adidas EQT Supoort 93 was preserved by Adidas EQT Supoort 93/17, while retaining the symbolic side three bars for the year of design, while the shoe material was made of woven material instead of the original material.

Compared to Adidas EQT Supoort 93/17 and Adidas EQT Supoort 93, the bottom is made of a whole piece of boost material, so the slow shock performance will be better than the latter, and the special pattern design in the middle of the boost medium will also increase the appearance of the appearance.

The zigzag three track design believes that people who know the history of Adidas can know how classic it is, and this classic is inherited, added to the nylon material and small suede material, to ensure its comfort and retro sense.

Similarly, Adidas Iniki Runner Boost incorporated Adidas's most proud boost technology on a 70s running shoe of the last century, with a great leap in comfort. The classic design, plus the excellent foot feeling, plus the breath of leisure, makes Adidas Iniki Runner Boost appear to be more flexible in daily wear. Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer was born in 1993, it is a shoe, from the birth to now has also had 24 years, the first generation of Gel-Kayano has been in the identity of Gel-Kayano Trainer into the trend, which represents a beginning of the Asics Kayano series. And its comfortable foot sense comes from Asics's Gel technology, plus excellent workmanship and good material, making it transformed into a classic retro running shoes. The most impressive thing in appearance and color matching is that the Gel-Kayano Trainer series has more color matching and more selectivity. It is precisely because of the diversity of color matching and multi-functional vamp materials, so that the Gel-Kayano Trainer series has been revitalized, so far.

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