MLB moves towards the world through "cultural invasion"

Americans advocate sport, but many mainstream American sports are not so popular around the world. Baseball is a typical example. Baseball originated in the United States, and then introduced to Japan, even now, the United States and Japan is still the most mature baseball countries. In addition, some countries and regions in East Asia and Southeast Asia are relatively popular. Although many countries in Europe have developed baseball, it is still too small compared with football, basketball and even volleyball.

In fact, it is still very difficult for baseball to open up new markets. In addition to the limitations of the Markus Granlund jerseys wholesale, baseball is relatively lack of global awareness. The process of nurturing the market is always long, just as the NFL has been in China for ten years, and it's hard to focus on it. These sports or events with pure American genes will inevitably encounter similar embarrassments in overseas expansion. But MBB, which encompasses the essence of baseball, has its own unique survival magic, that is, to use culture to drive sports, people can not understand the rules of baseball, not familiar with MLB stars, but can accept MLB culture indoctrination.

In China, I believe that many people like me know little about MLB, at best to the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox and other famous teams have heard, home run, the second half of the ninth inning these professional terms also sound muddled. Is MLB really like a deserted desert in China? Not really.

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On the street, we have more and more chances to see hats with "N" and "Y" logos. This is the Yankee logo in New York. Can it represent MLB? I'm afraid not, but it's the essence of American baseball culture. As more and more young people around the world wear jackets and hats from MLB teams like the New York Yankees and Chicago Bears, baseball culture has infiltrated them. Although many people may still not actively watch MLB games, this is definitely a positive sign. At least more and more people are starting to produce MLB. Have a certain degree of awareness.

The success of MLB lies in its precise positioning, and if it is propagated only by a simple sports league, Aron Baynes jerseys wholesale may only be a tool for Americans to amuse themselves. So they thought of making MLB a fashion, not just for baseball fans or loyal fans of a team, but, in a way, more like a cultural invasion.

And what is the so-called cultural invasion? The most important thing is to create unique fashion culture with baseball IP+ peripheral products. If only MLB alliance is difficult to achieve, so they need help, fortunately MLB has a very good helper.

The Yankee baseball cap in New York is rotten on the streets. Too many people, from Hollywood superstars to other sports stars, have one. This is the most symbolic symbol of baseball, football, basketball are not, at least not like the baseball cap so leading the trend. These hats are marked with the MLB team's Logo, so they're different, but for the design and production side of the hat, it's a natural contribution.

Strictly speaking, hats are not purely sporting goods. They can be designed in a more open form. The MLB alliance has given the responsibility to New Era, the world's leading perspective manufacturer, rather than to sports giants like Nike and Adidas.

Founded in Buffalo, New Era, New York, in 1920, generations of Koch family founded the cap kingdom. As early as 1934, New Era became involved with the MLB, which made the Cleveland Indians their first professional baseball cap. Since then, baseball caps have become an important product line for New Era.

In the early days, New Era made baseball caps for major leagues, minor leagues and college teams, but at the time, New Era appeared as a manufacturer, not a brand for New Era, but a Wilson and Spaulding label.

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